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Fishing in Paradise

Reka Una

The Una is a river in the north-western part of Bosnia and Herzegovina and makes much of the natural border between Croatia and Bosnia. As a right tributary of the Sava, and with a length of 212 km, the Una impresses with the green colour and impressing translucency of its water. The river has been entitled 'Una' by the Roman, name that means 'one' or 'the only one'. This is because of its natural beauty enchanting every visitor as it did with the Romans. And, by far more important for a fisherman: its water quality and the free course with absence of water gates or barrages allows a rich fish population including the salmon of the Danube, brown trout, grayling, perch, wild carp and many others to develop naturally.

Other smaller rivers like the Sana (that flows into the Una in Novi Grad) and Vrbas complement the manifold fishing opportunities in this area. Fishing on the Una represents a unique experience for all lovers of nature and rivers!

The 'Fisherman House' is located in Rudice, a small place close to the city of Novi Grad located on the Una River. In summer time the City of Novi Grad welcomes  its guests with coffee shops along the river, with the possibility of simply jump into the refreshing water between one beverage and the other.




Spend a weekend on Una River !!!


Free yourself of stress!

Spend a weekend in this beautiful river with your friends,family,colleagues from work. If you want you can rent a room or entire house,whose accommodation capacity up to 10 persons,you can arrange your stay at Una river however you like,or we can arrange weekend for you,in any case we hope that you have beautiful moments and memories with this beautiful river and a desire to came again! The possibility of organizing rafting on Una River,barbecue in the nature,boating,fishing,swimming in the clear,clean river or just stay on the water with the sounds of Una,chirping birds and air full of oxygen will clear up your mind and relax the body!



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